Perfect Fit

Finding the best hosiery fit for you

The fit of your tights is incredibly important for the most comfortable experience.
The majority of Pretty Polly tights  & House of Holland tights are available in One Size only – They fit up to 42"/107cm hips and a height of 5'10"/178cm – this is approximately equivalent to UK dress size 16.

Some ranges are available in variable sizing such as Small/Medium, Medium/Large.
Ranges where these size options are available include Pretty Polly Naturals, Nylons, Simply Sheers. Premium Opaques and certain fashion tights.

If you’re tall and/or have a hip measurement between XXX then the Pretty Polly Curves hosiery range is where you’ll find your perfect fit.
Pretty Polly Tights Size GuidePretty Polly Curves Tights Size Chart